Use color to instantly grab attention and communicate your message emotionally. Color affects behavior. Have you ever wondered why the logo for Whole Foods Market is green, McDonald’s is yellow, and Coca Cola is red? Respectively, these colors represent freshness, cheerfulness, and energy. It makes sense that these brands would use these colors to further ingrain their brand message.

When it comes to flyers, consider colors that evoke the message you’re promoting. Here’s a rundown of what each color represents:

Flyers: A flyer is one of the most basic and economical promotional pieces. It is usually produced as a single, unfolded printed sheet that draws attention to a specific product, service, or event. A flyer usually contains a very simple message that can be conveyed quickly. As such, a flyer typically makes effective use of graphics with minimal text.

Flyers are generally printed in the common 8.5” x 11” paper size to keep the cost as low as possible, though flyers can be created in any size that is easy to handle. Also, the printing is most commonly on one side of the paper, though there is no law that says flyers can’t be printed on both sides.

Flyers are commonly distributed by hand, such as at a trade show or other popular venue. They are also commonly distributed door-to-door, such as part of a neighborhood canvassing campaign. Flyers can also be sent out by mail, either enclosed in an envelope or folded and tabbed as a self-mailing piece (aka a “mailer”).

A flyer usually has a relatively short lifespan, such as being used to announce a new product or service, or a one-time event like a grand opening or special promotion. Because a flyer has a limited life, the paper used is often light weight. Flyers can be printed using any ink or paper color, however to be fully effective, full-color printing is generally the recommended choice. Full-color provides a more professional appearance and helps the flyer grab and maintain attention.

Brochures: A brochure is the flagship of promotional literature. Unlike simpler flyers and pamphlets, brochures are created with design elements that project an image of high-quality and professionalism. A brochure must be of top quality since its job is to help promote a company or organization by showcasing its products, services and other offerings. Brochures are designed to make a positive and lasting impression.

A brochure contains multiple panels or pages of information. These panels or pages may be created by a variety of folds, or from multiple sheets bound together in booklet form. Whether folded or bound, brochures can be created in a variety of standard and custom sizes.

Also, a brochure is generally constructed from heavier weight paper. This is done not just to enhance the perception of quality but also because a brochure should be more durable, since it will be kept around for a while and referred to. Also, every quality brochure is printed in full color and has some type of sheen from a laminate, UV or Aqueous coating.

In addition, many brochures use special creative features to further enhance the image of quality and trust. For example, a brochure’s cover and pages may be die-cut to a unique shape, or contain embossed, foil-stamped, or spot-coated areas for emphasis.

As far as actual content, brochures are very well written and contain informative and persuasive text. They commonly include a thorough summary of features and benefits and focus on the reader’s needs. Also, the images used are generally “beauty shots” that cast the organization and its offerings in the best possible light.

Needless to say, brochures are one of the most important pieces of promotional literature an organization can produce. However, brochures are generally not distributed as freely as flyers or pamphlets. Usually brochures are distributed by salespeople only after some initial interest is shown by a potential customer. This is because more money is typically invested in a brochure than in a flyer or pamphlet.

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