About us


Wajih Kanso is the founder of the digital company: The MAKER tech Mr. Kanso has been Director of Operations and Online Manager at Al Khaleejiah for a period of 10 years. Computer engineer, Wajih has always been passionate about this field which is constantly evolving.


We rely on a team of specialists and not generalists. By combining this optimized expertise with your unique understanding of the field in which you operate, we create together turnkey digital solutions that make a real difference.




Team spirit

We believe that bringing together people with diverse talents is the key to success. We value collective success and encourage peer support. In order to strengthen ties and mobilize troops, we promote authentic communication.

The respect

We believe in the value of each individual. Thus, we maintain relationships that build self-esteem in a harmonious climate, we listen to all and we consider the particularity of each as a strength to cultivate.


Being morally responsible and honest by inspiring trust, saying what we have to say, adapting our behavior to our word and taking responsibility for our actions.

At our company

  • We are an open and open team for communication
  • We work in respect, pleasure and calm, with a touch of madness
  • We are accountable to our code, our achievements, our attitude and our customers
  • We produce, creatr and are technology buffs
  • Our strength is our team
  • Our reason for being, they are our customers!

Your team

                Director Manager
                     Wajih Kanso
PR Manager
Noha Ibrahim
             Development Manager
                              W. K



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